Unattended Streaming

You can not leave

  • your "You tube" just running on high quality and leave the house  while it is consuming data,
  • or listening music and and EVEN NOT LOOKING at the video while is streaming on high quality. 

It is the same as leaving  water tap just running - at the backend somebody must pay for it. So in short if the utilisation of the data line 100% for 24 hours, something is wrong.



Fair Usage Policy



A lot of people made use of torrents to download movies and series. But do you know that you opening up your system for streaming to other users as well. If you complain that your speed is slow. First check your



Silver pakage


It depends on your usage , taken in account torrents and unattended streaming.  A normal home usage is no more than 150 gig a month - and that is in the extreme. That include a movie a night and web browsing.

If your usage is higher than that you need to investigated for virusses, torrents or that you running unattended streaming.